Born out of our passion for exploring the world

First established in 2017 in the US, we produce hydration equipment systems and accessories for hikers, mountain adventurers, cyclists, trail runners in need of a portable water supply.

From design to production and sale, PIONEER BEAR CAMP provides a maximum of care and dedication to every product we make. We always thrive to achieve the best quality possible and customer support is our top priority.

We have always considered that life is more than a program from 9 to 5, more than just living to go to work, return home, pay bills, and get it back in the morning.


Desire to have the best hydration reservoir

We believe that life must be lived with a purpose, passion, actively, we believe life is a bit of experience, and we want our brand to accompany you in these experiences.

The Pioneer Bear Camp brand was created out of a passion for outdoor activities and for everyone who, like us, are free spirits and love to be in the middle of nature during leisure.

Pioneer Bear Camp is not just a brand of outdoor equipment, it was born out of our passion for exploring the world.

Perform at your highest level

Being passionate about outdoor activities and camping, hiking and backpacking, we have created Pioneer Hydration Bladder 3L for us by our need and desire to have the best hydration pack to provide optimal hydration and be easy to use in our long hikes.

Then we thought that this product could also improve the experiences of other outdoor enthusiasts and so our first product and the brand itself were born.


Explore Longer, We’ve got your back!

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