Yes, our hydration bladders are made out of EVA materials which are FDA approved, BPA & PVC FREE, guaranteed safe and taste-free drinking water.

Yes, it should be rinsed when first-time use at least 3 times with water, at the end add 1/4 cup lemon juice, shake 10 seconds and let the bladder rest on its back for another 5 minutes rinse and clean with fresh water again.
Then after each use, do not let water into the bladder for longer than 24 hours. Clean it with mild soap and let it dry completely.

Our reservoirs are equipped with a high protective neoprene sleeve around the tube to prevent the cold from freezing the water inside the tube, while we work tirelessly to make our reservoirs as reliable as possible, in extremely cold temperatures your water might freeze anyway.

So here are a few tips:

– Fill your hydration bladder with warm water (max 60° C / 140° F), which will take longer to freeze.
– Hold the hose upward with the bite valve open after drinking. This allows all the water to flow back into the bladder, minimizing the amount of water able to actually freeze in the hose.
– Blow back into the drink tube after you take a sip.
– Drink frequently (a sip every five minutes) to keep your water circulating.
– If your hose does freeze stick the hose down your back, between your body and backpack. Be sure the bite valve is in the ‘OFF’ position.

Pioneer Hydration Reservoirs can be filled with hot water at a maximum temperature of 60° C / 140° F. Please make sure you don’t use boiled water because it can damage the reservoir.

Yes, Pioneer Hydration 3L Reservoir was specially made to use for trekking, hiking, mountain biking, cycling, trail running, backpacking.
Because trekking is more rigorous and a more challenging activity, it tests your physical ability, endurance and it’s done over long distances, a 3-liter reservoir is a must for this activity.

Yes, the tube is equipped with a High-Flow soft bite mouthpiece for easy drinking with self-lock to prevent leaking. The Shutoff-Valve will prevent leaks when not in use.

Yes, the tube has a military neoprene insulated sleeve to prevent the UV light and the freeze to reach the water inside the tube.

This will help you to have cool water in the summer or while you are hiking during harsh environment (Arizona let’s say) and as well will keep the water from freezing if you plan to take a hike up on the mountain, where the temperature drops.

Our hydration bladders are made entirely from Premium Ultra-Durable and field tested EVA materials, sturdy resistant to mechanical shocks and high-low temperatures, FDA approved, guaranteed safe and taste-free drinking water. You can count on it out there on the trail.

It is dishwasher safe if you use the low-temperature program, please do not use the high-temperature program because it can damage the bladder.

Make sure you dry it completely after each use, you can use a towel to dry it inside or you can hang it using upside down and let it dry overnight.

An alternative way to keep it free mold and what are some hikers have reported is to roll it and keep it in the freezer.

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